People hear a lot about chiropractors nowadays. Yet, chiropractors are often mystifying. You’re not alone. What a chiropractor does often mystifies many people.

Perhaps the best explanation for chiropractors is to think of them as a doctor who takes care of any pain in the bone, joint or muscle. They often complement traditional medical care you are currently involved in.

A chronic or recent pain that has plagued you for more than 3 months needs help from a chiropractor. If you are currently residing in Brisbane, Brisbane chiropractors are capable of relieving any acute or chronic pain you’re experiencing.

What Chiropractors can do and can’t do

Chiropractors can work with your primary physician to address any pain you’re experiencing from an injury or accident. There are things they can do as well as things they can’t do, to include:

They can’t prescribe meds

Prescribing meds is not within the jurisdiction of chiropractors. People today would rather take meds than do some lifestyle changes for better health. Chiropractors offer an alternative approach that can positively empower patients to get control over their health.

They can

  • Tape/brace joints to provide support to sprained muscles or joints as they heal
  • Perform soft tissue therapy to release tension in the connective tissue, relieve muscle spasms, and relax tight muscles
  • Give referrals to other integrative medicine experts for a patient to receive the proper nutrition and diet guidance for promoting weight loss and reducing inflammation
  • Adjust the joints gently to increase mobility and flexibility

It’s not only the neck and back that Chiropractors treat

Pain felt in the ankles, head, knees, jaws, pelvis, and hips, the shoulders, and the wrists and elbows can be treated by chiropractors.

Chiropractors can provide alternative care for many common ailments after the pain has been evaluated by a doctor.

  • Generalized pain in the shoulders

If an MRI shows no issue yet there’s persistent shoulder pain, the shoulder blade’s surrounding muscles can be assessed by a chiropractor.

  • Headaches

Tension in the jaw often causes migraines and headaches. Clenching the jaw at night is an action that patients are unaware of doing. An increased blood flow results from relieving tension in the jaw muscle. This also helps to relieve headaches.

  • Painful foot

Plantar fasciitis or commonly known as painful foot condition are usually recommended massage and orthotics by podiatrists. However, these remedies are temporary. The underlying cause for the painful foot is the only way to bring long-term relief. This is what chiropractors do. Often, problems with the lower back or knees affect the walk leading to plantar fasciitis.

Prevention is the main focus of Chiropractors

Relieving symptoms over the short-term is not the focus with chiropractors. Their ultimate goal is long-term health restoration. Prevention is their way of healing. This means that they will be asking you how sleep at night and the way you walk, sit, stand throughout the day.

Future problems are avoided when stretches are incorporated with your various positions when you move, sit, and stand.

What chiropractors do is simple. They take care of all your strains, aches, creaks, and pain. The alternative treatment approach to all problems involving your musculoskeletal system is provided by chiropractors Brisbane.