The amino acids present in proteins are the building blocks which supplement any of the life processes. These amino acids are responsible for all the metabolic processes which take place in the human body. These can help with processes like tissue repair, carry out the necessary enzyme reactions in the body. There is however a common misconception that proteins can only be obtained from eating chicken, beef, fish and eggs. Those who follow a vegan diet can benefit from the variety of protein resources found in a vegetarian diet as well. The three bet sources of vegetable protein re soya, hemp and brown rice. In fact vegetarian protein powders sourced from these contain all the necessary amino acids.

The benefits of soya protein

  • Soya protein is considered one of the most important sources of vegetable protein. It compromises of all the essential amino acids.
  • Those who have an increased intake of soya protein are considered to have healthier cholesterol levels. This leads to a lower risk of heart disease.
  • It is highly beneficial for women because there is a direct link between an intake of soya protein and an increased bone density.
  • It is god for women who are in the post-menopausal state.
  • It is also high in calcium, iron, potassium, omega 3 fat and fibre.

It is necessary to make sure that you buy vegan protein powder.

The benefits of hemp protein

  • Just like soya protein, hemp protein too is considered to be a complete source of protein containing all the necessary amino acids.
  • Hemp is rich in edestin and albumen proteins. These are similar to the the naturally occurring proteins which are found in the human body.
  • One of the major reason why it is easily digested is because the proteins found in hemp and somewhat similar in configuration to those found in the human body.
  • Hemp is rich in fiber and contains all the necessary fatty acids.
  • It I great for those who usually suffer from any sort of allergies because it is considered as the least allergenic of proteins.
  • It not only boosts the immune system but is known to lower cholesterol and aid in weight loss.

The benefits of brown rice protein

  • Just like hemp, brown ride protein is also considered to be the least allergenic proteins. However brown rice protein can’t be considered a complete source of protein because it doesn’t contain all the necessary amino acids.
  • It is rich in vitamins and minerals.
  • It is easy to digest.

If you are searching for vegan proteins, make sure you choose a supplement which contains all three kinds of vegetarian protein sources. These plant based proteins are easy on the stomach and are great for people who normally suffer gluten allergies. People who suffer gluten allergy can’t take regular protein supplements, this is why vegan proteins work best for them. Pus vegan proteins are rich in all kinds of minerals and vitamins.