Babies benefit from their mothers milk during the first six months of their lives. It comprises of all the essential nutrients which allows them to grow at their optimum best. Even if a mother wants to exclusively breastfeed her child there are certain constraints which might stop her from doing so. Perhaps she has to get back to work on May be she has to work from home. In any case the best scenario would be a bottle of a breast milk given to the baby by an attendant when she is not around.

For working mothers an electric or an automatic breast pump is a good option. However it is best to wait at least 6 weeks before giving your baby a bottle. Once the mother’s milk supply has been established, she can go and get a pump which would help her express her milk. There are certain models which work best. This is why it is essential to do through research before buying one.

Using an automatic breast pump

With the help of an automatic breast pump a mother can express her milk quickly and it also requires a great deal less effort than using a manual breast pump.

The mother can decide the pace at which she expresses the milk. Also the pumping pattern may vary over the day and mother knows at what time she is most comfortable expressing milk the electric pump can help her do so in a matter of few minutes only.

For mothers who need to get back to work or those who have to feed twins or triplets may find that the electric breast pump allows them to extract more milk in less time.

Automatic pump features

  • Certain automatic pumps come with a double pumping function. This allows the mothers to pump milk from both the breasts at same time.
  • Most of these are tailored to mimic the sucking action of a baby so that milk is expressed with ease
  • It also allows for higher number of suckles per minute
  • It also comes with adjustable suction levels to ensure the comfort of the mother

However it should be kept in mind that automatic breast pumps are somewhat heavier and bulky to transport. There are some light weight options available to but these tend to be more expensive because of the portability that they offer. A simple breast pump is also known as the manual pump which is more discreet because of being lightweight as well as low noise.

If you are looking for a breast pump which takes minimal effort from your side and allows you to express milk in a matter of minutes then you should definitely consider investing in an automatic breast pump. Also the multiple settings present on an automatic breast pump allow you to control how much milk you would like to express and keep your comfort level at maximum.

Your aim should be to buy a hospital grade automatic breast pump model which allows you pumping from both breasts at one time. It will not only cut the expressing time in half but also allow you to boost your milk supply.