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What is Apple Cider Vinegar and How to Use It

You may have thought that apple cider vinegar is only suitable for dressing salads, make no mistake; many people across the globe are using apple cider vinegar for several medicinal ways. People use apple cider vinegar as a central ingredient for making apple cider vinegar detoxifying agents. The building block behind the idea is that unfiltered apple cider vinegar contains ‘the mother’ in it. What about ‘the mother’ includes the good bacteria useful for the gut, the enzymes, vitamins, and minerals. Apple cider vinegar that has ‘the mother’ in it has a cloudy or murky look. The use of apple cider vinegar benefits dates back to ancient years about 400 B.C. when Hippocrates used it for its health benefits.

The Many Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar Detox

Scientifically, the body detoxifies itself, and there is not much research to prove that detox diets remove harmful toxins from the body. Many people use this diet to change eating habits from processed to whole foods. Benefits your body gains from apple cider vinegar drink include both external and internal benefits including:

  • Your body gets the required amount of enzymes
  • Increases potassium intake
  • Help in weight watching
  • Supports a healthy immune system
  • Promotes health P.H. balance
  • Promotes health digestion system
  • Helps remove sludge toxins
  • Adds the good bacteria to the gut and immune functioning
  • Promote health skin
  • Act as healing acne when used externally

Other people believe that apple cider vinegar reduces appetite and burns some fats. Adding apple cider vinegar to your diet helps manage type 2 diabetes and controls high cholesterol.

A recipe to detox using apple cider vinegar

Use 1 – 2 tablespoonful of raw and unfiltered apple cider and 8 oz of distilled or purified water.

Use 1 – 2 tablespoonfuls of sweeteners, for example, organic honey, four drops of stevia, or any other suitable sweetener.

Some people use other variations of the apple cider vinegar drink like adding lemon juice or a dash of cayenne pepper. To be effective, one must consume a glass of cider regularly for some time, i.e., several days, weeks, or for a month. You may choose to consume the drink thrice a day, as many people do.

Is there formal research supporting the use of apple cider detox

No research proves apple cider vinegar detox, but people take it as part of the diet. The information available so far is anecdotal, but health properties have been examined. For example, apple cider vinegar produces a positive impact on type 2 diabetes. Studies show that apple cider vinegar supports the loss of weight. A study with the rats showed that the rats who consume apple cider vinegar lost more weight daily than the rats in the control group. A study with apple cider detox showed lower LDL, cholesterol levels & triglyceride in people with high blood fat content. Regularly consuming apple cider vinegar helps prevent atherosclerosis in people with a high risk of heart complications.

Some precautions to take before using apple cider vinegar

Before drinking apple cider vinegar, make sure you dilute with some water. Apple cider vinegar is very acidic, and it may erode your teeth, burn your mouth or throat. After detox, rinse your mouth with water; you may consider using the straw to avoid adverse effects on your teeth.

Coraltree Organics makes apple cider vinegar that you should try.

The benefits of using a mobile shower trolley

People with limited mobility can make use of mobile shower trolleys. They can take a bath safely and comfortably with a little bit of assistance only. These mobile trolleys can be used along with the hand held shower or whenever somebody is receiving a sponge bath.

If you are wondering whether a mobile shower trolley would be useful for you make sure that you read about its following benefits:

The advantages of mobile shower trolley

  • Mobile shower trolleys are portable and can be easily wheeled from one place to another. This would be useful for people who run Nursing Home and have a number of patients with mobility issues.
  • The trolley comes with adjustable height frames which makes it easy for the patient to get in and out of the trolley. The adjustments can be controlled either electronically or hydraulically. Price for both kinds of trolleys are different you should choose one which was within your budget.
  • These are not only useful for those who are required to be given a bath but can be helpful for the caregivers as well. They can make use of the adjustable height option and it would help avoiding bending and thereby preventing fatigue or strain.

What you should keep in mind before buying mobile shower trolleys

If you are about to buy a mobile shower trolley make so to keep the following things in mind:

  • Get a trolley which comes with at least two year warranty. Warranty ensures that you are covered in case the trolley starts giving you trouble before the 2 year time period. Also ensure that you buy the trolley from a trusted supplier. In case the trolley stops functioning after a while they would still be able to provide repair services for you.
  • Learn to operate the trolley before you actually start to use it. If possible watch a few tutorials to get help from a professional to get an idea of how it works. You should know how to lower the cots sides and raise the catches at the same time. You should also in sure that the trolley is at a suitable height when it is in use. The height might need to be registered and depends on the condition of the patient who is being given a bath.
  • Feasible to take a look at the operational guide so that you are able to familiarise yourself with all the controls and operation.
  • It is important to not leave patients especially children unattended while they are on the trolley. Despite both the courts being raised at a height there is still a chance of an accident.
  • The maximum holding capacity for the trolley is around 300 kg however it should never be exceeded at any time. It is important to distribute the weight evenly as possible on the trolley. Patients weighing more than 150 kg need to be attended by more than one staff member.

Keeping the above mentioned things in mind would help you purchase the right kind of mobile shower trolley.

First Aid Course: Get the Right Information

Offering first and immediate attention to people suffering from any injury or illness requires some training. In basic terms, this is called first aid. First aid aims at preserving, preventing a condition from worsening, or promoting recovery. This first attention you offer includes initial intervention in severe conditions before a patient gets professional medical help. It may involve performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and managing minor ailments such as cuts.

Undoubtedly, first aid is a very important course. It gives you the knowledge and confidence to handle situations in the event of a medical emergency. You may save lives. Nowadays, most employees train their employees on how to carry out first aid.  In fact, in some places, it is a workplace requirement. You should note that first aid is an invaluable skill that you can have.

The key skills in First aid

There are specific key skills that are essential to the provision of effective first aid to the patients. As such, these skills must be taught ubiquitously. For instance, the skills denoted as ABC focuses on saving lives, especially under critical conditions.

  • A – Airway
  • B – Breathing
  • C – Circulation

That means that the first place to put your attention to is the airway by ensuring that it is clear since any obstruction is life-threatening.  This ensures there is breathing. For circulation assessment, the first aiders may perform chest compressions, to provide artificial circulation.

What happens in a first aid course?

The first aid course is extensive. Thus it is broken down into smaller sections to make it easier for the learners. Remember that not all first aid skill principles like applying an adhesive bandage as well as applying pressure on a bleed. You will learn such skills through practicals in the field.

That notwithstanding, for you to be able to provide adequate first aid help, you have thorough training and numerous practicals. This helps you to understand how to handle situations whenever they arise.

Certainly, you won’t be able to handle fatal injuries or illnesses without proper training and practice. To perform effective CPR, you’ll need to be trained. Such a procedure is invasive and delicate; it may cause harm to both the first aider and the patient.

For you to get training, you need to attend a course. Such courses almost always lead to certification. But, you will need to refresh every now and then because there are regular changes that occur due to constant changes in clinical knowledge and procedure. So a refresher course and recertification are essential.

You can get first aid training through various outlets. Most notable trainers of first aiders include community organisations such as St. John Ambulance and Red Cross Society, as well as other commercial training organisations. Usually, these trainers offer their services at a fee.

First aid that requires training

Enroll in emergency first aid courses in Melbourne. The training is vital to fulfilling some additional demands that are posed by the work situation. They include:

  • Mental health first aid: it encompasses learning to identify people are developing mental illness and how to help them.
  • Battlefield first aid: this training aims at training you how to deal with the wounded in the field of war – both combatants and non-combatants.
  • Wilderness first aid: first aiders taking this type of training are trained to take care of the wounded for several hours, given the constraints associated with wilderness.

The Benefits of Vegan Protein

The amino acids present in proteins are the building blocks which supplement any of the life processes. These amino acids are responsible for all the metabolic processes which take place in the human body. These can help with processes like tissue repair, carry out the necessary enzyme reactions in the body. There is however a common misconception that proteins can only be obtained from eating chicken, beef, fish and eggs. Those who follow a vegan diet can benefit from the variety of protein resources found in a vegetarian diet as well. The three bet sources of vegetable protein re soya, hemp and brown rice. In fact vegetarian protein powders sourced from these contain all the necessary amino acids.

The benefits of soya protein

  • Soya protein is considered one of the most important sources of vegetable protein. It compromises of all the essential amino acids.
  • Those who have an increased intake of soya protein are considered to have healthier cholesterol levels. This leads to a lower risk of heart disease.
  • It is highly beneficial for women because there is a direct link between an intake of soya protein and an increased bone density.
  • It is god for women who are in the post-menopausal state.
  • It is also high in calcium, iron, potassium, omega 3 fat and fibre.

It is necessary to make sure that you buy vegan protein powder.

The benefits of hemp protein

  • Just like soya protein, hemp protein too is considered to be a complete source of protein containing all the necessary amino acids.
  • Hemp is rich in edestin and albumen proteins. These are similar to the the naturally occurring proteins which are found in the human body.
  • One of the major reason why it is easily digested is because the proteins found in hemp and somewhat similar in configuration to those found in the human body.
  • Hemp is rich in fiber and contains all the necessary fatty acids.
  • It I great for those who usually suffer from any sort of allergies because it is considered as the least allergenic of proteins.
  • It not only boosts the immune system but is known to lower cholesterol and aid in weight loss.

The benefits of brown rice protein

  • Just like hemp, brown ride protein is also considered to be the least allergenic proteins. However brown rice protein can’t be considered a complete source of protein because it doesn’t contain all the necessary amino acids.
  • It is rich in vitamins and minerals.
  • It is easy to digest.

If you are searching for vegan proteins, make sure you choose a supplement which contains all three kinds of vegetarian protein sources. These plant based proteins are easy on the stomach and are great for people who normally suffer gluten allergies. People who suffer gluten allergy can’t take regular protein supplements, this is why vegan proteins work best for them. Pus vegan proteins are rich in all kinds of minerals and vitamins.

How to be healthy!

How? Following the benchmarks of the PNNS (National Health Nutrition Program ): > increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables to reach a quota of at least 5 per day > consume calcium source foods (mainly dairy products and, in addition, the vegetables, or mineral waters rich in them) to reach the recommended intakes of 3 dairy products per day

limit the consumption of fats , in particular saturated fats (meats, sausages, cheeses , pastries …)
increase the consumption of starchy starches, in particular complete cereal foods
limit the consumption of sugar and foods rich in starch sugar (sodas, sweets, jam, chocolate …).

> Stay sober

Why ? Hyper – caloric (1 g = 7 Kcal), alcohol diffuses widely in the body before being broken down by the liver into a toxic molecule. Thus, a high consumption would be at the origin of cancers (mouth, pharynx, esophagus, colon, rectum, breast …), and would increase the risk of global mortality, in particular cerebrovascular.

How? Moderation! Prefer low alcohol drinks to the detriment of strong alcohols dry or mixed with soda; drink slowly and put your drink between each sip; have a drink (of alcohol) for pleasure, and a drink (of water) for thirst; do not exceed the equivalent of 2 glasses of wine of 10 cl or 2 beers of 25 cl or 6 cl of strong alcohol per day. Pregnant, ignore.

> Beware of the sun

Why ? Long exposures start the sun capital. Skin aging is accelerated, the risk of cataracts increased. UVA and UVB are carcinogenic.

How? Avoid exposing the summer between 12h and 16h. Never put yourself in the sun without a layer of cream with a high index and regularly renew the application. Wear protective sunglasses, especially on snow or the sea, where reverberation is important.

> Give up smoking

Why ? Apart from cardiovascular diseases and cancers, smoking is run many risks to women associated with the pill, it promotes clot formation, damaging the vessel wall and narrows, increasing the risk of phlebitis and thrombosis; it precipitates decalcification; it increases the risk of extra uterine pregnancy, miscarriage, premature delivery, caesarean section and fetal growth retardation.

How? Do not touch it! If it’s too late, get help!

Why ? A regular sport activity also improves the silhouette, the well-being and the self-esteem.

How? You can be active without being sporty, and move without changing your lifestyle. Do at least half an hour of brisk walking a day or the equivalent. So do not hesitate to walk a little on short trips, get off the bus or the metro station before, do your shopping on foot rather than by car, ban escalators and lifts … On weekends, schedule an activity: bike, rollerblade, ride, swimming pool …

> Make sure a medical follow-up

Why ? Prevention is better than cure, do not we say? The earlier a disease is detected, the more likely it is to be treated. Simple control examinations allow it.

How? Do a check-up (blood test, blood pressure …) with your GP at least every two years. Consult your gynecologist at least once a year, your ophthalmologist once every two years, your dentist every year, your dermatologist every year.

How to stay young and healthy in everyday life


A balanced and responsible dietfood - antioxidants - food supplements

It is on our plate that our best ally would be to stay young and healthy . In order for food to keep its beneficial role on the body, some basic rules must be respected.

1) Eat less . We usually eat too much, see too much. To reduce one’s food intake is to reduce the speed of metabolic reactions, that is to say the work of the organism. It is less overloaded and less tired.

2) Avoid fast sugars . Remember that we store little sugar in our body and that, therefore, any excess turns into fat. In addition, a poorly regulated sugar level induces the appearance of the metabolic syndrome .

3) Reduce your consumption of fatty meat, cheese and butter. In addition, excess animal fat is one of the causes of the onset of the metabolic syndrome.

4) To counterbalance excess omega 6, provide your body with enough omega 3 fatty acids, of which we are often largely deficient. Canola, soy and nut oils are rich. These omega 3 fatty acids have opposite effects to those of omega 6. They fight against inflammation, promote fluidification of the blood and dilate the arteries. It is in fish oil that we find the most active omega 3 fatty acids, especially the famous DHA and EPA.

5) Prefer the intake of vegetable proteins . Meat and cheese, if they are high in protein, are also too rich in animal fats. In addition, animal proteins generate homocysteine, a major cardiovascular risk factor. So limit your consumption of meat and cheese. Be satisfied with a little white meat (poultry) and fresh cheese. Vegetable proteins, on the other hand, contain less methionine than meat and, as a result, generate less homocysteine. In addition, they do not contain saturated fats. Beans and lentils are a good source of protein. Fermented soy in the form of tofu, mixed with vegetables, is an excellent food.

6) Make fruits and vegetables the basis of your healthy diet . They contain a lot of fibers that make it easier to transit , slow down the absorption of fats and sugars, regulate the feeling of hunger. In addition, fruits and vegetables are the most important source of bio-assimilable mineral salts and trace elements . Prefer them from organic farming.

7) What we drink is as important as what we eat because we are 70% water. As we age, we tend to lose water. Good hydration is a simple way to stay young. Drink water or infusions at will, during and outside meals. A glass of red wine with meals (no more) is perfectly compatible with good health, especially as the red wine contains the famous resveratrol, first-rate biological protector, as we will see.

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